Sponge cake with cognac

3 eggs

2 dl granulated sugar

150 g melted butter

2,5 – 3 dl potato flour (alternatively 50 % wheatflour)

2 tsk baking powder

1 tsk vanilla sugar

0,5 dl cognac or whisky

Beat the eggs and the sugar.

Pour in the melted butter when it has cooled down.

Stir in the potato flour, the baking powder and the vanilla sugar.
Take a little bit more flour if needed to get a harden consistency. 
Stir in the cognac/whisky.

Butter a sponge baking tin and take brown dried bread crumbs in it too.  Then pour the mixture in the tin and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes with the heat on 175 - 180C.