Orange rice

Orange rice 4 portions

2 dl Rice (porridge rice)

4 pcs Oranges

1 to 2 dl ( 01, to 0,2 litre) Granulated Sugar

1 tablespoon Vanilla Sugar

3 to 5 dl ( 0,3 -0,5 litre) Whipped Cream

Large bowl


Boil the rice in plenty of water about 25 minutes

Peel the oranges, divide them and cut gaps into smaller pieces

Whip the cream, sugar and vanilla;
pretty hard in the big bowl

Rinse the boiled
rice with cold water

Mix the cold rice into the whipped cream


Mix orange pieces into the cream / rice


Put a lid or plastic film over the bowl

Let stand in the cold an hour before serving

Sherry or Port wine goes well with this dessert

The recipe can be doubled or three doubled


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