Apple cake – Skånsk äppelkaka
Pare 6-8 apples and slice them into flakes.
Use a greased (with margarine) ovenproof dish and take raspings in the bottom.
Then make one layer of apples and powder with sugar, raspings and cinnamon.
Continue in this way with layers of apple and layers of sugar, raspings and cinnamon.
The top layer should consist of raspings, thin slices of margarine and then sugar and cinnamon.
Put the cake in the middle of the oven for 20-25 minutes.
The oven should have a temperature of 200°C, which is equivalent to 392 Fahrenheit.
Serve with vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard.
In Sweden we have a lot of different recipes but this one is typical for Skåne.
See pictures below.


The apple cake guide

1_apple_cake_ 007.jpg (183708 bytes)
Go out in the garden

2_apple_cake_ 006.jpg (215900 bytes)
Pick 6 - 8 apples

3_apple_cake_ 013.jpg (116046 bytes)
Take out the ingredients



4_apple_cake_ 014.jpg (129351 bytes)
Pare the apples

5_apple_cake_ 015.jpg (141637 bytes)

6_aplpe_cake_ 018.jpg (179498 bytes)
Raspings and one layer of apples then a new layer of apples
sugar, raspings and cinnamon

7_apple_cake_ 019.jpg (137453 bytes)

The top layer with raspings,
thin slices of margarine,
sugar and cinnamon

8_apple_cake_ 021.jpg (181115 bytes)
The result

9_apple_cake_ 034.jpg (85233 bytes)

9b_apple_cake_ 036.jpg (76148 bytes)
Serve with vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard



Enjoy your meal!

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